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Fen-Phen, Redux & Pondimin

Fen Phen Redux and Pondimin 2009 Case Update Information

The Fen Phen Class Settlement Trust will accept claims until 2015 for those who have previously registered or received prior Trust settlement payments but who have gotten worse or required heart valve surgery since their registration or their last payment. Claimants who are members of the 7th amendment to the class settlement have until 2011 to file claims with the AHP Settlement Trust for additional money because their heart condition has gotten worse. The trust has plenty of money to pay these claims and an individual can file multiple claims as his or her heart condition worsens subject to the 2011 and 2015 deadlines.”

These diet drugs were removed from the market in 1997 but consumers are still suffering the health damage done by these products. The Fen Phen drugs caused heart valve damage and a frequently fatal condition known as Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) or Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH). There was a class action settlement that was approved by the federal court in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that governs the current rights on injured consumers.

In summary, legal claims or lawsuits for heart valve damage are now barred unless the injured individual registered with the America Home Products Settlement Trust. Those who are properly registered with the trust can continue to claim benefits under the terms of the class action settlement until 2011. even individuals who have received payment through the settlement trust can apply for additional settlement amounts if their condition get worse or if they need heart valve surgery. Our firm continues to be active in processing claims of fen phen users through the settlement trust.

Claims and lawsuits by individuals diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension(PAH) and Primary Pulmonary Hypertension(PPH) are not barred by the settlement agreement. These very serious and often fatal conditions can develop many years after exposure to fen phen and according to the settlement agreement those claims are governed by the state statutes of limitations from the time of full diagnosis of the disease. Even now over ten years after fen phen was removed from the market individuals continue to come down with these diseases which are likely caused by fen phen. Our firm is continuing to review cases and represent former fen phen users who may have PAH or PPH.

American Home Products was the name of the manufacturer that made the drugs. The company has since changed its name to Wyeth.

This site is designed to provide information about the health risks and the legal claims that may arise from the widespread marketing, prescription and use of diet drugs such as Fen-Phen, Redux and Pondimin.

Many members of the public may have been exposed to serious injury or death by the manufacturers, distributors and marketers of these diet drugs. Aggressive marketing of these highly profitable diet drugs has led consumers to believe that the use of these drugs is a safe easy way to lose weight. Many people had assumed that since these diet drugs were approved individually by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that extensive testing had been done proving these drugs to be safe before they were allowed on the market.

If you did not have an echocardiogram by January 3, 2003 you may lose your rights to bring a claim or receive compensation for any valvular heart damage that you sustained from Fen Phen diet drugs.

To protect your rights you must get an echocardiogram performed before that date. We will review your echocardiogram report and give you a legal opinion as to your rights at no charge or obligation to you if you would like to fax it to us at 727-577-9696.

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