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Firm History

The History of Our Firm

Saunders & Walker is a Nationwide product liability law firm founded in 1987. Our law firm has always limited our law practice to representing the wrongfully injured or killed against corporations, insurance companies, and manufacturers in claims for compensation. After decade trying jury cases in mostly local court houses the firm expanded to a nationwide practice. We gradually became more specialized in bringing lawsuits against pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device manufacturers for harms caused by dangerous drugs and medical devices that were not properly tested or did not contain adequate warnings for the prescribing doctors. This pharmaceutical and medical device law practice frequently involved complex litigation in federal courts which are coordinated in federal multidistrict litigation and class actions. This practice involves clients from many states and litigation in courtrooms in many different state and federal courts. We have been appointed by federal and state judges to leadership positions in a number of these complex pharmaceutical litigations. In 2010, our firm was appointed co-lead counsel in a federal class action environmental toxic pollution lawsuit. In 2012, we were appointed to three federal Multidistrict Litigation Steering Committees.

We have also become recognized nationwide in the litigation of childhood sex abuse lawsuits primarily against the Catholic Church. This complex and difficult litigation has served to provide justice to survivors of childhood sexual abuse by priests and to expose child predators in the priesthood and protect children in the future. Our firm made the first report to police of a local catholic priest that was molesting children and he was removed from the church and sent to prison.

We apply the expertise that we have developed in these complex and specialized cases to a variety of individual negligence and liability cases where experienced attorneys are needed for settlement, mediation, or jury trial.

Saunders & Walker has been AV rated by the national lawyer rating agency Martindale-Hubbell for many years. This is the highest legal rating for experience, competence, and ethics offered by the rating agency. Mr. Saunders has a Civil Trial Board Certification by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and a Civil Trial Board Certification by the Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization. He is a member of both the Florida Bar and the California Bar Associations.

Firm Mission

Our law firm strives to provide prompt and effective legal representation by lawyers supported by trained, experienced paralegals and medical professionals, using the latest computer technology. Our firm regularly networks with other lawyers and lawyers’ groups throughout the country to share information and develop litigation strategies against irresponsible manufacturers, corporations, insurance companies. Our law firm is active in many class actions and multidistrict consolidated litigations.

An important part of our law firm’s philosophy is the belief that bringing money damage claims against irresponsible corporations is one of the only effective means of ensuring public consumer safety and obtaining fair compensation for injured consumers. Government regulation of corporations alone cannot always ensure adequate consumer safety because of the political power wielded by those powerful corporations. Many of our clients have found great satisfaction in knowing that in addition to compensation that they have received, their claims have contributed to preventing injuries to others.

Saunders & Walker represents seriously injured or abused persons and the families of persons whose lives have been adversely affected by the negligence of others. We seek justice and compensation from corporations, organizations, and individuals who intentionally or negligently cause harm, injury, or death to our clients.

Saunders and Walker Class Action Law Firm

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