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NY Governor Cuomo to Sign Child Victims Act Tomorrow, February 14

news conference on child victims act in new york
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The Fighting for Children PAC released a statement that Governor Andrew Cuomo plans to sign the 2019 Child Victims Act into law on Thursday, February 14, 2019.  The Child Victims Act was overwhelmingly approved by the NY Legislature at the end of January.  Every senator, Republican and Democrat, voted for the bill — even though it never even came to the Senate floor for a vote under the Republican majority. The bill passed the Assembly 130-3.

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New York Passes Child Victim Act: What This Means for Sexual Abuse Victims

Monday, January 28th, saw the passing of the Child Victims Act in New York. This new law will see stronger protection for all victims of child abuse, extending the state’s statute of limitations beyond the age of 23. The act is a major victory for survivors of abuse, allowing their sexual assault cases to includeContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Houston We Have a Problem and it’s the Catholic Church in Texas

When one thinks of Texas, the Catholic Church never used to come to mind.  Texas was/is known as firmly part of the Bible belt.  However, in the last 30 years, Texas has experienced a dramatic demographic shift.  There are 15 dioceses in Texas, including two archdioceses in San Antonio and Galveston-Houston and Texas numbers aboutContinue ReadingContinue Reading

The “Jesuits of the West Province” Releases Names of Sex Abusers

The Society of Jesus, Jesuits of the West Province, have released the names of living and deceased members of the religious order who have been accused of sexual abuse. The West province covers 10 states, including California and encompasses the former Oregon province, which agreed in 2011 to pay $166 million to about 500 people abusedContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Authorities Raid Offices of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston in Texas

The latest sign of a Catholic Church in crisis came on November 28 when the archives pertaining to a Catholic priest accused of sexual abuse were the subject of a search warrant executed Wednesday at the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston in Texas. Law enforcement agencies raided the archdiocese’s offices in downtown Houston to comb through the “secretContinue Reading

The Fire-Suppressant Foam That Is Causing Health Fires

When we use emergency tools like fire-suppressant foam, we expect them to be effective, safe for use, and capable of protecting us from harm. Unfortunately, consumers and legal experts are learning that this isn’t always the case. A certain type of firefighting foam has recently become the target of lawsuits for its serious potential healthContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Judge Orders Roundup Lawsuits to Continue

In a 68-page decision, US District Court Judge Vince Chhabria ordered that lawsuits against Monsanto, the manufacturer of weed killer and carcinogenic Roundup to move forward. Chhabria is presiding over more than 450 cases against Roundup maker Monsanto that are part of multidistrict litigation in the Northern District of California. The lawsuits against the agrochemicalContinue Reading

Feds to Investigate USC’s Handling of Dr. George Tyndall Complaints

The Feds are coming to the University of Southern California.  USC students who encountered former campus gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall can meet with a representative from the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights on Wednesday, June 20. The civil rights office staff will hold office hours from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. atContinue Reading

Dr. George Tyndall and the USC Class Action Lawsuit

In May 2018, the Los Angeles Times reported on sexual misconduct allegations made against Dr. George Tyndall, a gynecologist who was employed at the student health center at the University of Southern California (USC) for close to 30 years. Dr. Tyndall, who resigned from USC in June 2017, stands accused of routinely engaging in sexualContinue Reading

FDA Relaxes Regulations on Medical Devices in Spite of Spike in Recalls

The first quarter of 2018 witnessed the largest increase in medical device recalls in more than a decade.  In spite of this the FDA has decided to lessen restrictions on certain medical devices. Prior to the passage of the 21st Century Cures Act in December 2016, industry experts had called on the regulatory agency toContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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