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Dr. George Tyndall and the USC Class Action Lawsuit

usc campus where george tyndall used to work

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In May 2018, the Los Angeles Times reported on sexual misconduct allegations made against Dr. George Tyndall, a gynecologist who was employed at the student health center at the University of Southern California (USC) for close to 30 years. Dr. Tyndall, who resigned from USC in June 2017, stands accused of routinely engaging in sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior in connection with his duties at the Engemann Student Health Center.

To date, over 400 former patients of Tyndall’s have contacted a USC special hotline to report negative experiences with the doctor. More than two dozen Dr. George Tyndall patients have filed lawsuits against him, and The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is in the process of investigating over 50 sexual abuse complaints.

Tyndall treated literally thousands of female students during his tenure at the USC health center as its only full-time gynecologist. It is likely that there are other victims that have not yet come forward. If you are a former patient of Tyndall’s who was subjected to inappropriate behavior, we urge you to contact Saunders & Walker P.A. so you can discuss your legal options with our attorneys.


Attorney Joseph H. Saunders

“We work on behalf of the people, seeking justice and compensation for victims nationwide.”

If you were victimized by Dr. George Tyndall, Joseph H. Saunders is the legal advocate you need to seek justice. He is a board-certified civil trial lawyer (National Board of Trial Advocacy and by the Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization) with more than thirty years of legal experience at the national level. He was admitted to the California Bar in 1981 and the Florida Bar in 1982. One of the founders of Saunders & Walker P.A. (1987), Saunders has also established himself as an aggressive litigator on behalf of persons victimized by sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.


Who Is George Tyndall?

dr george tyndall

Photo Credit via LA Times

Following the completion of his residency at Kaiser Permanente, George Tyndall began working for USC’s student health center as a gynecologist in 1989.

The earliest complaints against him can be traced to the 1990s. At the time, some of his co-workers at the medical center voiced concerns about his habit of photographing patients during pelvic exams. Though Tyndall still insists that his use of photography had legitimate medical purposes, USC administrators ordered him to cease the practice. The doctor complied. This was not the end of the controversy surrounding Tyndall, however.

In the early ‘00s, USC received multiple letters from female students who felt that Tyndall’s conduct violated professional standards. Complaints about Tyndall continued to accumulate over the years.

According to his accusers, Tyndall’s behavior as a doctor was sometimes uncomfortably inappropriate, including suggestive sexual remarks and unnecessarily intrusive examinations. Many patients, however, did not complain at the time. The inexperience of his young patients—a large number of whom had no prior experience with a gynecologist—may have enabled Tyndall to misrepresent his inappropriate behavior as acceptable procedure.

Despite mounting complaints from co-workers and female students, Tyndall was permitted to continue his employment at the university. Finally, an internal investigation in 2016 found that his behavior as a gynecologist went well beyond professional standards. The investigation also uncovered a cache of nude photos, dated 1990-1991, that Tyndall had taken of his patients.

Tyndall left the University of Southern California—possibly under threat of imminent firing—on June 30, 2017. The terms of his severance package have not been disclosed to the public. As reported by CNN, USC president C. L. Max Nikias resigned from his position following accusations that he and his administration mismanaged the Tyndall case.


Accusations Against Dr. George Tyndall

The sexual misconduct allegations against Tyndall include the following complaints:

  • Inappropriate pelvic exams – Tyndall has been accused of inserting his fingers inside his patients’ vaginas during pelvic exams, purportedly to ensure that the speculum would fit properly. This is not considered an acceptable practice during a pelvic exam.
  • Unnecessary full-body exams – Tyndall has also been accused of having patients strip naked so he could inspect their bodies as they lay on the examination table. He claims that this procedure allowed him to check for skin cancer, but this too is considered a non-standard practice.
  • Suggestive verbal remarks – The doctor was apparently prone to commenting on his patients’ bodies in an inappropriate manner. Comments often included remarks about the attractiveness of their breasts, speculations on their sexual experience or lack thereof, and their “tight” vaginas.


What You Can Do If You Were Victimized by Dr. Tyndall

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Victims of Dr. George Tyndall may be able to sue the doctor or join a USC class action lawsuit against the university. Attorney Joseph H. Saunders can help you explore your legal options. To contact us, please fill out and submit the form posted on this page. Your message to us is anonymous, and no commitment is required.

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